The Hunting Season

Episode 1 - No More

February 09, 2023 Unknown Squared Production Season 1 Episode 1
The Hunting Season
Episode 1 - No More
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The crew of the Nimbus is transporting a full colony of settlers through the cosmos to a far off planet that can sustain human life.  When they arrive to the planet they're stopped by an unknown militaristic force, and their leader who has a reason to shoot them out the sky on sight.

Max Marshall - Eric (SAC Agent)
Ty Wilkins - Chuck Liger
Vinay Nariani - Col. Logan Thomas
Michelle Goff - Tiff
Tal Minear - X
Brad Colbroock - Zero
Lucien Spooner - Vince
David Cook - Capt. Jackson (Jax) Williams
Brenna Anderson-Dowd - Ni Hoc Ga Ool

Written by Vincent C. Davis
Edited by Vincent C. Davis
Directed by Vincent C. Davis
Sound Design by Vincent C. Davis

Speaker 1 (00:02):

Content warning. The hunting season is a sci-fi, action, thriller that will contain mild language violence and some controversial topics. Listener discretion is advised.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (01:14):

Captain's log, transport vessel Nimbus. June 4th, 2522. At least I believe that's the correct date. Vince!

Vince (01:30):

You are correct, captain.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (01:33):

Good. It's easier to keep track of these things on earth. Sun comes up, it goes down, but out here. Well out here, sometimes there's no sun and other times there's three. (sigh) But enough nostalgia. We ran into a few problems on the way to the Tare (Tar-Aye) system, had to navigate through a meteor field. I did plot it on a map for later. I hate coming out this far, but the pay was too good to turn down. We're about to land on the planet Cavi (Cah-Vee) another planet that can sustain human life. So we started this journey with 500 people in cryo stasis, recent count, still 500 alive in their pods. 395 colonizers.

Pressing buttons. Console whirring to life.

Okay. Sooo the idea of this just doesn't sit right with me and it's not just because I'm black. I mean, it is a big part of it, but like you mean to tell me of all these planets we've colonized. There was no one living there. There's got to be other species out here living, wait to connect with us. I guess it's hard to believe since we've been searching the galaxies and still haven't found other civilizations. The belief that we're not alone out here has actually grown. I mean, there are people who still say we're alone out here. That wouldn't make sense though, but it's whatever. I don't get paid to ask questions. (pause) What the hell is that?

Vince (03:39):

Captain we're being hailed.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (03:42):

By who? I don't recognize these ships.

Vince (03:47):

Do you want me to open a channel?

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (03:50):

Yeah. Let's find out who this is.

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (03:59):

Pilot. This is the Fro-La of the Linti (Lin-tie). State your purpose in the Tare system.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (04:08):

We're transporting a group to Cavi.

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (04:12):

You're not permitted to land on Cavi. Turn your ship around and return to your home.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (04:19):

I can't make that decision.

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (04:22):

Then get me the captain of this vessel.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (04:27):

I am the captain, but this is a chartered trip. I'll get the one leading this group

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (04:35):

Do so quickly.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (04:54):

Vince wake Colonel Thomas.

Capt. Jax walks through the ship to the cryo chamber

Vince (04:58):

Waking, Colonel Thomas from cryo sleep.

Col. Logan Thomas (05:14):

Uh, have we, have we landed on Cavi?

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (05:21):

No, we're in orbit.

Col. Logan Thomas (05:24):

Why haven't we landed?

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (05:27):

Well, that's why I woke you first. There's a fleet of ships blocking the way there's also someone claiming to be a Fro-La. Who wants to speak with you?

Col. Logan Thomas (05:37):

Fro-La! Are you sure?

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (05:39):

Yeah. Fro-La of the Lin something

Col. Logan Thomas (05:43):

Wake all military personnel and have them meet me on the bridge.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (05:47):

Colonel. What's going on!

Col. Logan Thomas (05:50):

Do what I say!

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (05:54):

The hell does he think this is? Vince open all military and crew cryo pods.

Vince (06:02):

Opening 105 cryo stasis pods.

Cryo pods begin opening.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (06:16):

All military personnel are to meet with Colonel Thomas at the rear hatch!

Jax leaves the room after making the announcement. As he walks through the hall Tiff, a member of the crew, runs through the hall after him.

Tiff (06:27):

Captain. Are we on planet? What's going on?

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (06:36):

Not sure yet. For right now, I need you and the rest of the crew to secure your areas. Also run diagnostic on the engines. We may need to get away quick.

Tiff (06:48):

Are we in some sort of trouble?

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (06:51):

I hope not. I'll let you know. When I find out.

Jax continues walking through the halls until he approaches the bridge. Col. Thomas speaking begins to raise.

Col. Logan Thomas (07:00):

I act on the authority of Earth's triumvirate. You'll move or we'll go through you.

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (07:08):

Colonel. I see our talk has gone awry. Let's meet on planet and finish this discussion.

Col. Logan Thomas (07:17):

Good. I'm glad you could see things my way. (turns around to see Jax the only one standing there) Where are my soldiers?

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (07:28):

They're at the rear hatch waiting for you.

Col. Logan Thomas (07:33):

I said, tell them to come here. You need to follow my orders.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (07:37):

First off, Colonel, watch your tone. I'm not one of your soldiers. I don't answer to you. In fact, you need to start answering some questions. Like are you preparing for a fight? And who is this Fro-La? Because you seem to know, and I was told this whole planetary system was uninhabited.

Col. Logan Thomas (07:57):

You don't need to know any of this information.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (08:00):

I do need to know.

Col. Logan Thomas (08:03):

The only thing you needed to know was our destination.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (08:06):

I'm not going to land in a war zone! I won't put the safety of all these civilians and my crew at risk.

Col. Logan Thomas (08:14):

The safety of the civilians is why I'm here.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (08:18):

I won't land until I know what's going on.

Col. Logan Thomas (08:22):

You've got two choices. You can land this ship so we can handle this situation. Or we can lock you in your cabin and take control of this ship.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (08:31):

You can keep your empty threats. I know that you have no one that can fly this ship. And the AI only responds to me and my crew. So the way I see it, you have two choices. You can try to take control of my ship and waste everyone's time. Or you can just start answering questions.


Col. Logan Thomas (08:58):

Look, I know this whole situation is unsettling, but let me assure you that you have nothing to worry about. If something were to happen, we'll handle it. We just need you to land this ship. Do this...or we'll waste all the time we need to.

Col. Thomas walks away.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (09:24):

What did I get myself into? Vince!

Vince (09:34):

Yes. Captain.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (09:36):

Prepare to enter orbit.

Vince (09:38):

Yes, captain.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (09:45):

This is so stupid.

Jax and Vince begin flying ship into the orbit of Cavi.

Vince (10:00):

Captain, are you well? Your heart rate has elevated.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (10:05):

No, I'm not well.

Vince (10:09):

What is the problem?

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (10:11):

Didn't you hear what's going on? What's the one thing I always say about a fight.

Vince (10:18):

I don't get into fights. I know nothing about

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (10:22):


Vince (10:24):

You do have the option to stay on the ship.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (10:28):

And I will.

Vince (10:43):

Approaching land Captain.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (10:46):

Activate, reverse thrusters!

Vince (10:49):


Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (10:58):

Open landing gear.

Vince (11:01):

Opening landing gear.

Sound of ship landing on planet. Col. Thomas' voice comes onto PA system.

Col. Logan Thomas (11:16):

Open the rear hatch Williams.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (11:19):

This is the last time I transport military. Vince open the rear hatch.

Vince (11:28):

Opening rear hatch.

Col. Logan Thomas (11:49):

When we get out there fan out. Don't do anything until I give the signal!

Speaker 9 (11:55):

Sir. Yes, sir!

Rear hatch drops and soldiers run down ramp. They fan out and hold rifles at the ready. Col. Thomas walks down ramp behind them and walks to the front of the group.

Col. Logan Thomas (12:24):

I am Colonel Thomas of earth's...

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (12:26):

I know who you are Colonel. Why are you here?

Col. Logan Thomas (12:32):

We've been tasked with escorting a group of settlers to this new world.

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (12:38):

That is a problem. I'm sure you know that this planet is inhabited. Get back in your ship and return to earth.

Col. Logan Thomas (12:52):

We can't do that.

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (12:57):

You can, and you will.

Ni Hoc begins walking away.

Col. Logan Thomas (13:01):

Aim. (pause) Like I said, we can't do that.

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (13:12):

Do you plan to take this place by force Colonel?

Col. Logan Thomas (13:17):

If I must.

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (13:20):

If you wish this encounter to get ugly, then use your primitive weapons.

Col. Logan Thomas (13:27):

Will you leave this planet to us?

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (13:31):


Ominous pause and the two stare each other down.

Speaker 10 (13:44):


After the smoke settles the military personnel see the aliem forces still standing there like nothing had happened.

Col. Logan Thomas (13:57):

What is this?

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (14:00):

I knew you would do this. So we came prepared. Now, since you decided to shoot at us, I believe we should respond in kind.

Col. Logan Thomas (14:13):

Do what you feel is needed. But know this. We won't be the last. Eventually this planet will become a new colony of earth.

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (14:25):

I've seen the devastation you've left in your wake. I know what you're capable of and that you won't stop. So I already have a plan for you and your people. Goodbye, Colonel. (begins walking away) Ti loc! (Tee-Lock)

Ni Hoc walks over to the Nimbus and calls out for Jax.

Captain. I know you're watching. Please come out, respond, captain

Pause as Ni hoc waits for response.

I guarantee your safety if you come out on your own. But if we have to come in, we will open fire on everything that moves. (pause) Captain. My patience is running thin.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (16:08):

I'm coming. This is exactly why I mind my own damn business.

Vince (16:24):

The Fro-La did say no harm would come to you.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (16:28):

That could be a lie. You saw what happened to those soldiers?

Vince (16:33):

Yes, but they shot first.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (16:36):

That's still not comforting. Vince. If anything happens to me, close the hatch and return to earth.

Vince (16:56):

Yes, Captain.

Jax walks through the ship to the rear hatch and down the ramp to come face to face with Ni Hoc.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (17:12):

I'm here.

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (17:19):

Put your arms down. I summoned you out here to deliver a message to your planet.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (17:27):

How do you expect me to let all of earth know?

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (17:31):

You don't need to worry about that. You just need to insert this device into a port on your planet. The program will do the rest.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (17:42):

This seems like something you can do. Why me?

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (17:47):

I have my reasons.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (17:50):

Well, what does the program do?

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (17:54):

It's a message.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (17:58):

I don't know about this.

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (18:02):

You're testing my patience. I could threaten you or your crews lives but I want to skip all that.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (18:12):

Well, it seems I have no choice.

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (18:16):

Oh no. You have a choice. You could join the Colonel.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (18:23):

Well then, when you put it that way, I'd be happy to do this for you.

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (18:30):

Good. Then go.

Jax walks away and halfway up the ramp.

And captain, I can't stress enough. How important it is that you complete your task.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (18:53):

Believe me. I get it. Vince close rear hatch.

Vince (19:10):

Closing rear hatch. (pause as Jax walks through the hall to the bridge) Captain. The colonizers cryogenic chambers were opened when we landed on the planet. Do you want me to tell them to return?

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (19:30):

No. I want you to reset the pods though. I'm going to the bridge. I'll inform everyone when I get there.

Vince (19:38):

Yes, Captain.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (20:11):

Here we go. (presses button) Attention, passengers and crew. This is your Captain speaking. I'm sure you have a lot of questions. And I wish I had the answers. All I know is that we were denied permission to stay on planet. The cryo chambers have been reset for all those who wish to return to sleep for the trip back. This is highly recommended since we don't have nearly enough supplies for everyone to stay awake. Captain Williams out.

Fade Out

Fade In

Vince (22:10):

Captain, we are approaching Earth and being hailed by Space Air Control.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (22:16):

Open a channel. SAC, this is Captain Jackson Williams of the Nimbus requesting permission to enter Earth's atmosphere.

Eric (22:31):

Nimbus we're searching for a pod for you. We didn't have you scheduled for return until next week.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (22:38):

We ran into some problems.

Eric (22:41):

How's the cargo?

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (22:43):

All military personnel have been lost.

Eric (22:50):

Nimbus, you have permission to make an emergency landing in sector nine pad three.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (22:56):

Copy. Changing course to sector nine pad three.

Eric (23:05):

When you land, everyone is to stay on board. There are some people here who have questions.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (23:25):


Ship flies through sky to get their landing zone.

Vince, reverse thrusters.

Sound of the ships reverse thrusters fill the cabin and the Nimbus lands.

Vince. Open all the pods. Tell the crew to meet me at the rare hatch.

Vince (24:00):

Yes, Captain.

Jax leaves the bridge and walks through the ship to the rear.

Liger (24:08):

Cap. What's going on?! Why are we back on earth?!

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (24:13):

There's a lot to tell you, but I'm not going through it now.

Liger (24:18):

What?! Why not?!

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (24:21):

Here's the situation. We're back on earth. When I open this hatch, we'll be taken into custody and questioned about everything that happened on our little trip. Right now I'm the only one that knows everything. I'm not gonna tell you so that when they question you, you'll be able to say truthfully, that you don't know. I'll explain everything later. Do you understand?

Liger (24:46):


Tiff (24:48):

We'll meet at the diner, right?

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (24:51):

Yes. (pause) Okay. Here we go. Vince, open rear hatch.

Vince (25:00):

Opening ramp.

Fade Out

Fade In

Tiff (25:34):

Finally. What took you so long?

Zero (25:38):

He's probably giving them a hard time.

Liger (25:40):

No, they gave me a hard time.

Zero (25:45):

Yeah, I bet.

Tiff (25:48):

Okay, captain, go ahead.

Liger (25:50):

Hey, wait, can I order something before he starts talking?

Zero (25:55):

We've been sitting here waiting for two hours. We ate already. Get food, but we're not waiting.

Liger (26:03):

(groans) Fine. Go ahead. I'll grab a waiter when I can.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (26:08):

Okay. Here's what happened. I approached the planet and was stopped by a fleet of ships. They looked like war ships. Some being who said something about being the Fro-La spoke with Colonel Thomas, but Thomas was being difficult as usual. When this Fro-La refused to let the colonizers stay, the Colonel and his troops opened fire. Only, it didn't hurt them. It didn't even touch them.

Liger (26:40):

Like a shield?

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (26:42):

Exactly like that. After that the Fro-La's troops fired back. And that was the end of Thomas. When it was done, I was called out and long story short. I was given this.

X (27:04):

A flash drive, huh? Seems kind of low tech for some extraterrestrials.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (27:11):

That's what I thought. But I was told all I had to do was plug it into a device on planet. The program on here would do the rest.

X (27:22):

Well, I have my computer here. Let's see what this is.

X grabs the flash drive

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (27:26):

Wait! Are you sure? It could be a virus or something?

X (27:33):

(laugh) You know my curiosity is stronger than my fear.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (27:38):

I know. That's why I asked.

Tiff (27:43):

I'm with X on this. I really wanna know.

Liger (27:48):

I am as well.

Zero (27:50):

Well, it looks like we're in agreement.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (27:55):

Okay. Then go ahead.

X plugs in flash drive.

Tiff (28:14):

What's happening?

X (28:17):

Nothing. It's just a bunch of code, but this code is strange. It doesn't make any sense.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (28:26):

So it's a dud?

X (28:31):

Hey, what's going on?

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (28:36):

What happened?

X (28:38):

Um, I don't know. It's still on, but the screen is blank.

X typing fast on keyboard.

Other patrons of diner begin making a commotion and looking outside.

Liger (28:47):

Hey, look outside at the big screen.

Capt. Jackson "Jax" Williams (28:51):

That's the Fro-La?

Tiff (28:53):

What are the odds this is a coincidence.

The group walks outside to get a better view of the screen. Ni Hoc is standing there silent.

Liger (29:17):

Well, is this Fro-La gonna say anything?

X (29:20):

There may be a delay.

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (29:23):

People of earth.

Zero (29:25):

Well, there you go.

Ni Hoc Ga Ool (00:00):

I am Fro’La Ni Hoc Ga Ool of the Linti. For more than 10 of your Earth years I’ve watched as you have movedfrom your home planet to other functioning worlds out of necessity.You have continued to multiply exponentially and consume everynatural resource. Pushing out the indigenous species and destroying everything. (start louder) We have sentcountless warnings for this genocide to end but all we’ve received are empty promises. (louder) This entire time I have been held atbay by the United Galactic Leaders and finally they are saying, No!More! They have released me from my shackles and gave me thepower to decide your fate. (regular voice) But this has left me with two questions. One I worked out easily. I wanted to know why your species was so violent. After observing you, I realized that it is just in your nature to fight and destroy everything you see. So I knew whatever solution I came up with would need to exceed your violence or you wouldn’t learn. And the next question, what is the reason for your need to occupy other planets? Your planet is overpopulated.So to stop your need to leave Earth, I must solve that. So how do we solve this and teach you the lesson you need to learn? Well, now with the delivery of this device you’ll know my answer. Long ago in the land you once called the United States, there was a period where their government would allow certain people to hunt and kill animals. All for the purpose of population control of a given animal species. And while many of you still take part in this tradition, it is your own species that actually needs the population control. That’s why, in one month Earth time I will send a select group of hunters for each of Earth’s continents for this specific purpose. No longer will you destroy the lives of people on other planets. The families, the friends, the…lovers. Starting with your government officials and moving through the population, you will know the pain that was felt by all those you killed, just to have a new home. Prepare yourselves for The Hunting Season.

Ni hoc puts their mask on.

The hunting season.

Speaker 1 (33:12):

You've just listened to an Unknown Squared Production. The Hunting Season, featuring the voices of David Cook as Captain Jackson (Jax) Williams, Lucien Spooner as Vince, Brenna Anderson-Dowd as Ni Hoc Ga Ool, Vinay Nariani as Colonel Logan Thomas, Michelle Goff as Tiff, Chuck Liger, Max Marshall as Eric Space Air Control Agent, Tal Minear as X and Brad Colbrook as Zero. Written and Directed by Vincent C. Davis.